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 The Rules of Naruto: Ultimate Legends

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PostSubject: The Rules of Naruto: Ultimate Legends   The Rules of Naruto: Ultimate Legends EmptyFri Jun 13, 2014 2:32 am

1) This is a Story focused Event based RP.
Threads take the form of events, not locations. When starting a new thread, give it an appropriate title for the situation. You can also start a thread and note that it is an "Open" RP, and anyone can join. To go along with this, you can RP a character in multiple threads at once, it will just be assumed that each thread is taking place at a different time. This eliminates a character getting locked up when a RP partner doesn't post for a long time, as was the case with location based RPs, where you could only have a character in one place at a time.

2) Be courteous and respectful
Really this doesn't need much elaboration. I could, but I'm sure you all can understand this. Take up issues with other players, or if things heat up, ask a mod for help. The important thing to remember is that with the system as loose as it is, people are free to completely disregard players who cannot role play fairly and friendly with others.

3) Though there is a system in place to guide one's character, NUL is largely freeform when it comes to what jutsus you know, whether canon or custom. Be sure to keep in mind any restrictions your character may have due to their stats or fighting style, but other than that be add creative as you like, and remember you do not have to write out learning every single jutsu you know.

Also, keep in mind that the rank for many canon jutsus are unknown and therefore require your own judgement to determine. If you try to lower the rank of a jutsu that really should be a higher rank, because you wouldn't be able to know it otherwise, you will be asked to change it.

4) Don't godmod
Although this site focuses on a largely freeform system in regards to what jutsus you can know or create, don't do things like giving your character a convenient jutsu every time they get in a sticky situation, and don't give them jutsus that are so overpowered they could auto win a fight. Not only will people not want to RP with you, but you will get a warning and be asked to tone it down. Also, you should not be controlling another person's character unless given explicit permission by them first. That means that whenever you make an attack, you do not get to write what happens to the character you're attacking. Only the person controlling that character can control how they react, what they think, or what they see.

And remember, playing a stronger character might be fun for a bit, but playing a weaker character that has more to overcome is a much more interesting story, and is fun for much longer.

5) No Uchihas or Rin'negans.

6) Only one bloodline per character.


Keep in mind that in creating these rules, we may have overlooked something. If you feel that a rule could be added/removed/changed for the better of the site, do not be afraid to bring it up with me or another mod.

-The Mod Team

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The Rules of Naruto: Ultimate Legends
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