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 History of Naruto: Ultimate Legends

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History of Naruto: Ultimate Legends Empty
PostSubject: History of Naruto: Ultimate Legends   History of Naruto: Ultimate Legends EmptyFri Jun 13, 2014 2:31 am


After the founding of the hidden villages, very little changed from Kage and Kage. Some villages reformed their practices, others didn't, but there remained little contact except at times of chuunin exams or wars. Even today, while there has officially been peace for longer than ever before, tensions are still high and border skirmishes, while not frequent, are still a prevalent threat. Every new generation of ninja is trained more vigorously than the last, hoped to be the tipping point in the balance of power for their village.


Keep in mind that this is a completely alternate world. The events in the actual Naruto series never happened in this world, nor did any of those characters ever exist. This is a completely original timeline.

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History of Naruto: Ultimate Legends
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