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 The Rules of Fate/Wars

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The Rules of Fate/Wars Empty
PostSubject: The Rules of Fate/Wars   The Rules of Fate/Wars EmptyFri Jun 13, 2014 2:07 am

1) This is a Story focused Free Form Locational RP.
Threads take the form of locations, not events (except in the event thread).
There are few rules and forms to follow, the driving force behind the site is the story, which will allow you do to almost anything.

2) Friendship is Paramount.
Really this doesn't need much elaboration. I could, but I'm sure you all can understand this. Take up issues with mods.
The important thing to remember is that with the system as loose as it is, people are free to completely disregard players who cannot role play fairly and friendly with others.

And remember, playing a stronger character might be fun for a bit, but playing a weaker character that has more to overcome is a much more interesting story, and is fun for much longer.

3) Love between characters is allowed. Sex is not allowed on the normal RP boards. If your characters are engaging in sexual acts, please fade to black, or take it PMs. Failure to follow this will result in the deletion of your posts, or a ban for repeated offenses. That is what PMs are for.

Other than that, write what you will.


Keep in mind that in creating these rules, we may have overlooked something. If you feel that a rule could be added/removed/changed for the better of the site, do not be afraid to bring it up with me or another mod.

-The Mod Team

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The Rules of Fate/Wars
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