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 Village NPCs

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PostSubject: Village NPCs   Wed Jun 25, 2014 8:31 pm

In an attempt to add some more depth and flavor to the villages, I'm permitting the creation of village NPCs for the mods. These can be chuunin or jounin, maybe even a kounin or two if you like, but the goal is to add names and faces to the other shinobi of the villages other than our own characters, and they can be used for story and rp purposes. My reason for this is, again, to add some depth to the villages. If you look at the series, Konoha, where we spend so much of our time, has many recognizable side characters that, while are never the main focus of the story, are always there and are familiar to us because we see them so much. For example, do any of these characters look familiar?

Depending on the last time you've watched/read the series, chances are you recognize most of them. So go ahead and make your ANBU captain, or the leader of you interrogation squad, or your head medical-nin, or even your gate guards. While not mandatory, it would help spice up your village a little.

To create NPCs, simply use the mini form below and submit it into the character creation. However, please keep all of your NPCs in a single topic, to avoid clutter. Remember this is only for the mods in charge of each respective village.

[b][u][size=18]Character Description[/size][/u][/b]


[u][size=16]Basic Information[/size][/u]

[i]Character Name[/i]:

[u][size=16]Basic Info Continued[/size][/u]

[i]Position[/i]: (current position/job in the village)
[i]Fighting Style[/i]:

[u][size=16]Character Stats[/size][/u]

[i]Chakra Control[/i]:
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Village NPCs
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