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 Kiri NPCs

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First one, more to come


Character Description


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Kiri NPCs Narita_Toyoko-1

Basic Information

Character Name: Chiyo Choshi
Nickname(s): Chiyo of the Bloody Mist, Bloody Chiyo
Gender: Female
Age: 37
Personality: One might describe her as borderline insane, taking great delight in causing pain to her enemies and having a morbid fascination with blood. She has been known to lick blood from her blade, and decimate enemies so thoroughly on the battlefield that she becomes drenched in it, which she revels in. Rumors have sprung up that she even bathes in the blood of her enemies. This, along with her being present in the very final Bloody Mist academy exams, where she killed not only her given opponent but also most of her other classmates, has led to a horrifying reputation among the village and especially to outsiders, who began calling her "Chiyo of the Bloody Mist".

Basic Info Continued

Rank: Kounin
Position: Head of the Seven Swordsmen
Clan: None
Weapon(s): The "Chi no Odachi", or "Great Sword of Blood" - A nodachi said to be cursed by a demon. The more blood that coats the blade, the sharper it becomes, to the point where it can cut through other weapons. Any wound inflicted by it, even small cuts, becomes incapable of being closed without advanced medical treatment. The blade also causes the victim's blood to thin, allowing for maximum blood flow.
Fighting Style: A brutal mix of sword techniques and supplementary ninjutsu meant to confuse an opponent and leave them open to be sliced to ribbons, or to bleed out if they last long enough.

Character Stats

Stamina: 10
Speed: 10
Strength: 2
Intelligence: 8
Chakra Control: 10

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Kiri NPCs
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