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 Brief History

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PostSubject: Brief History   Fri Jun 13, 2014 2:22 am

Holy Grail War
For 200 years, the ritual known as the Holy Grail War has taken place in Fuyuki City. After building up a store of magical energy over many years, the Holy Grail chooses seven magi as Masters, and helps them to summon seven Heroic Spirits as Servants to do battle. As the Servants are eliminated their power is transferred back into the grail, and used to grant the winning pair each a wish.

The first several wars resulted in failure, with no wishes granted, and after the third war the grail itself was corrupted through the tampering of the magi. Now however, the Grail has been purified, and on the eve of the Sixth Holy Grail War, Fuyuki City is about to be plunged into chaos once more as the magi fight for their wishes.

Will you be the one to finally claim the Grail, and see your dream fulfilled? Or are you just another stepping stone in someone else's path to greatness?

You'll be a hero after killing a million people!
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Brief History
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