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 Jinchuriki, Sage Mode, Chakra Gates and Cursed Seals

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Jinchuriki, Sage Mode, Chakra Gates and Cursed Seals Empty
PostSubject: Jinchuriki, Sage Mode, Chakra Gates and Cursed Seals   Jinchuriki, Sage Mode, Chakra Gates and Cursed Seals EmptySun Aug 09, 2009 2:43 pm

Jinchuriki, Sage Mode, Chakra Gates and Cursed Seals Jinchuuriki_Wallpaper__O_by_Mel13_small

Each Jinchuriki gains special abilities and traits in accordance to their Bijuu, and can draw upon the power of the bijuu. At first the bijuu can force it's releases on the host, but as the host grows stronger it can call upon the power itself and still remain in control, though it is always easy to lose control. The less calm the host is the easier it is for the Bijuu to assume control. All abilities of a Jinchuuriki, including power boosts are story based, and the other players interacting with the Jinchuuriki must be okay with having them be used. A Jinchuuriki should start as a Genin.

Each player is limited to having one Jinchuuriki.

Currently, there are five Bijuu known to be trapped in a host, with four unknown or wild. Some of our bijuu differ from the established canon bijuu, going along with our alternate timeline/world, but they all still generally function the same as any bijuu would, simply with different features.

Bijuu and their Jinchuriki

Shukaku the Tanuki (One Tail) - Host: Takeda Ii Ryoma

Matatabi the Cat (Two Tails) - Unknown

Isobuu the Turtle (Three Tails) - Unknown

Sokou the Rooster (Four Tails) - Unknown

Houkou the Dog (Five Tails) - Unknown

Raiju the Weasel (Six Tails) - Host: Satetsu Nishio

Kaku the Badger (Seven Tails) - Unknown

Yamata no Orochi the Serpent (Eight Tails) - Host: Kenji Hirohata

Kurama the Fox (Nine Tails) - Host: Ami Nekomimi

Chakra Gates
The opening of each of the eight Chakra Gate grants the users body incredible strength and energy, allowing them to recover and fight stronger than ever. However, each one opened increases the strain on the users body, as it was never meant to operate on such a high level. After using the Eighth Gate, the user will die.

Opening the First and Second Gates are considered C rank Taijutsu, Third and Fourth are B ranked, the Fifth and Sixth is A ranked, and the Seventh and Eighth Gates are S ranked. In order to use any gates, the user must be primarily focused on power based taijutsu. You may have only one character with chakra gates.

For more information on the chakra gates, go here:

Cursed Seals
Though weaker than the power boosts granted from Bijuu, Gates or Sage Mode, ninja marked with a Cursed Seal have the potential for two large boosts in power, the first merely granting them increased speed, strength and stamina, while the second increases that and temporarily transforms their body, potentially increasing it in size, growing extra limbs, forming wings, or otherwise enhancing some aspect of them. If overused, a Cursed Seal can cause immense pain or override the body, preventing it from functioning properly, though both of these can be treated or avoided, especially when used with care. You may have only one character with a cursed seal.

For more information about the cursed seals, go here:

Sage Mode
After forming a contract with a tribe of spirit animals, allowing the user to summon them, if the user has formed a bond with some of those summoned animals over time, the animals can choose to summon the user back to their village, and lead the summoner along the Path of the Sage. This will eventually allow the user to use Nature Chakra, greatly increasing their physical capabilities and their recovery, for as long as they can maintain the proper balance and flow of both chakra and mental state. Using Sage Mode is considered an S ranked Ninjutsu technique. You may have only one character become a sage.

For more information about sage mode, go here:
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Jinchuriki, Sage Mode, Chakra Gates and Cursed Seals
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