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 The beginning of another story...

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Takahiro Yuki
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Takahiro Yuki

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PostSubject: The beginning of another story...   Tue Jan 20, 2015 7:39 pm

After yet another day of living the useless life those who had banished him had gave, Takahiro rested on his pillow. Lifeless...Emptiness...Lost... He had been that way ever since he was banished from his home by the very people who swore theyd love him and never let him go and now, that is how he continued to live out the rest of his days. He hadnt eaten at all that day nor had he left his apartment... There was no need to after all.....

The past few weeks he had nightmares. Night after seemingly countless night he would have to relieve his failure and when he woke up hed have to be forced to accept that those dreams were in fact a simple reminder of his reality. He shifted his body to its right side in a ball like motion, tucking his nose just a bit under his meeting knees. Yet another night he was alone... Another night he couldve been in the comfort of his own home if only he were able to produc ice ninjutsu or any kind of ninjutsu...

The sound of soft taps on the window demanded his attention and so he got up to find the heavens sobbing again. He then opened the rest of the left curtain and sat directly under the window from his bed. It had stormed alot recently, releasing a depressing eerie aura to Taka. "Why must you weep too?" He whispered as if waiting for a reply.

He closed his eyes and tilted his head back against the window... "Sometimes i really wonder if i was an incompetent genius or a really lucky mistake... Well, whatever the case maybe, i am a failure... Isnt that why im here?" He took a moment of pause to listen to the repition of droplets of water hit the outside pavement. "My people... My home... I failed them... I made my mother weep and i discraced my fathers breed... I dishonored them both. I mislead them all... I teased them, making it seem as if i were the next to make the Yuki clan be RECONGNIZED... But then... I failed them all. How is it that a genius, a prodigile child is unable to produce ninjustu, the easiest form of chakra to produce and manipulate??"

"And on top of that... I made my mother set aside her pride and beg for me to be pardoned... It surely ruined both her and my fathers name... And that isnt even it... I had to go on ahead and get kidnapped by cloud shinobi, man.... As if i werent a headache enough... And then.... Then they put that beast in me..... Me of all people... Why? Why me?" He glances out into the distance to find the clouds shrouding every inch of proof of daylight. "...Finally, to top everything off... It was my clan who came to save me... Im a burden to them, prodigile child? What a riot... They shouldnt have saved me... In fact... I shouldnt even be here at all..." Takahiro carelessly throws his body to the side, perfectly landing his head on his pillow. With a single tear unfolding itself from his face, he slowly reaches his hand toward his night stand, grabbing a kunai.

"No more mistakes, no more discrace, no more pain" he mumbled to himself as he brought the blade up to his neck. He closed his eyes to be startled by a jolt of lighting. He laid there with his eyes open, lowering the blade. "Its alright... I didnt have the guts to do it anyway... If i did, i wouldve been gone along time ago..." The rain continued in an even harder acid like motion. "...Dont you weep to he wispered" he wispered without shifting his head. He then closed his eyes and had cried himself to sleep like he had done serveral nights before.

Tomorrow is always a new day...
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The beginning of another story...
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