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 Kai Arisawa

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Character Description


Basic Information

Account Name: Marz
Character Name: Kai Arisawa
Gender: Male
Age: 32
Height: 6'3
Weight: 220
Personality: Do not be taken in by his womanizing fascade or his gentle, friendly and helpful attitude, Kai Arisawa is a Cold Blooded Killer. He is an Anti-Establishment fanatic hell bent upon the uprooting of the Corrupt Daimyo. This man is a terrorist and will do everything in his power to destabilize the Daimyo's authority. This goes so far as manipulating those in his trust to doing unspeakable things.

Basic Info Continued

Village: None
Rank: Kounin Equivalent
Clan: Uzumaki (None)
Fuuinken: (lit Sealing Sword) Allows Kai to transfers seals onto and off of the blade simply by contact.
Fox Contract: Kai is able to summon foxes in the vane of Kyuubi no Kitsune.
Arsenal Scroll: An arsenal of weapons too numerous to list filling a large scroll, or several small scrolls. Including but not limited too Swords, Kunai, Shuriken and Fuuma Shuriken, Bows, Bombs, Gas Grenades and much more.
Fighting Style: Kai is a Grand Master of Sealing Techniques and Seal Manipulation. In combat he uses these to limit the offensive options of his opponents and control their movements and attacks while amplifying his attacks and re-positioning himself nearly at will. His offensive Techniques are mainly Fire Based up to S-ranked Techniques. He is Highly Adept at Taijutsu using several high level Speed-type Taijutsu, in close mostly focusing on Kenjutsu. Kai is also adept at Genjutsu preferring to be a Genjutsu "Sniper" and using balance and basic sensory input disruption techniques to throw off his opponents, before closing for the kill.
In a Pinch Kai falls back on Sage Chakra enhanced Techniques, Summoned Fox Combatants, And Flying Thunder God.


The son of a Trade Minister for the land of Iron Daimyo and a Missing-nin from Konoha, Kai started life on a lush mansion in the green hills of the land of Iron. He was want for nothing, everything the young boy needed was at his fingertips. It wasn't until the Daimyo's succession and a major change in president brought criminal charges against his father Shinji Arisawa. That Kai's life changed forever, on his 6th birthday the boy went from the lap or luxury to living in a dungeon for the next two years. Only to be broken out by his mother, Nana Uzumaki just in time to watch his father, be publicly humiliated and executed.

Nana and Kai rallied support from the Daimyo's enemies, Yakuza, Pirates, and a few of the old Daimyo's staff. But at a critical moment they were betrayed by Regent Takizaki of the old Daimyo for a new position of power. Nana and Kai made it out of the ambush with their lives, but with their dreams crushed, and now being chased by Daimyo Zuko and those who thought they were responsible for the betrayal.

Kai and Nana were taken in by a small neighboring village. It was here that they lived life among the commoners, and watched as the Daimyo abused his power, treated his citizens as slaves and the beautiful lands as his own resources to be reaped without consequence. The young boy now under his mother tutelage, and the tutelage of several shinobi in the village found how hard life really was. The boy absorbed every piece of knowledge his mother and teachers gave him starving for more. His mother even started teaching him the secrets of Uzumaki Fuuinjutsu, nearly a decade younger than she ever learned them.

Daimyo Zuko started a war with the Land of Stars and called upon the Hidden Village to fight in it. When they refused on good grounds, the War Pig Zuko called them traitors and had them slaughtered in a sneak attack. The survivors rallied around Kai and Nana, who was injured. They counter attacked doing all of their best and driving Zuko's forces out of the Hidden Village. But it was a Pyrrhic Victory. The Village was burnt to the ground and there were only a hand full of survivors- Not including Nana Uzumaki, Kai's mother.

Though now a fully trained Shinobi at about the same level as a Genin, Kai was completely outclassed by Zuko's samurai. So the boy headed into the camp of his enemy and joined the Land of Stars as a Mercenary, taking as much tutoring in from Senior leaders and Strike Commanders as he could. And Developing his own skills. The boy even made a name for himself in the Land of Stars.

Kai had his chance at revenge, now Sixteen and a vetted Shinobi of about Chunnin level. He lead a strike team of ANBU into the Daimyo Zuko's mansion and assassinated the man. It threw the land of Iron into chaos. Chaos Kai added to attacking outposts, depots and caches of supplies at random. Even as the Land of Stars brokered a cease fire, Kai persisted. He didn't want anyone to feel the same pain he did. He took his anger out on Daimyo after Daimyo Until a solution was reached by an Elder of the Land of fire and the Daimyo was elected as a Head of a Council of Elders, one from each Village. These Elders and their decisions appeased Kai and he stopped the attacks, he could almost see it as day by day the conditions of the people in the Land of Iron got better and better.

Kai's vengeance sated quest to improve the condition of the people in the Land of Iron complete, Kai decided to settle down. Though now he was disbarred from the Land of Iron, he didn't need their thanks to know what he did for the people. And many saw it that way. The young man moved off found a girl that was different and decided to settle down with her. The woman had fox ears and a tail, qualities that Kai didn't mind. She could handle herself and was especially sweet to Kai.

For a while life was good.

However when his lover announced her pregnancy and became listless and distant, Kai suspected something was amiss. It wasn't until just before the birth of their child that in his sleep she drained him of what she thought was all of his chakra, smothering the man in a pillow before dumping his body after giving birth to their child a girl.

Kai wasn't dead. Far from. His body though in a catatonic state was repairing itself, with the Chakra he'd stored up from a Yin Seal. Though it's activation and release left Kai disabled, unable to capably defend himself and at his wits end he made it back to his house and broke down into tears finding it long empty his lover and daughter long gone. No explaination outside of a single note written upon it was "Goodbye."

Ready to die now for a broken heart Kai was visited by another woman with Fox Ears and a Fox Tail. Kai's despair metabolized into rage and at the end of his rope attacked as a Berserker throwing everything he had left into all of his attacks. As he was he was easily beaten, the woman revealed herself to him, as to not being like the woman he'd loved. She revealed herself to him in her full Regal Form that of a Giant Silver Seven Tailed Fox. She was the leader of the Nine Fox Clans. Yumi no Kitsune. The contractor of the Fox Clans had died in the war with the Land of Iron and she needed a new Contractor.

Downtrodden Kai threw himself into the role. Learning everything as quickly as he could absorbing all of the techniques and tricks as much as he could. The training was long and arduous and the Hazards were many but Kai pulled through just as Yumi had known it would be. Given a renewed sense of Self Kai ventured back into the world. Traveling to the main land, he found himself at odds with the population and the Daimyo system. Among the poor and downtrodden he found himself as a force of justice.

Kai has restarted his old war with the late Daimyo Zuko. Now he's expanded it to all of the five great Daimyo and all of their surronding leaders. His revolutionary ideas to bring about the end of the Daimyo's system of rulership without a care in the world. Their Bandaids for broken bones mentality. Letting the people anguish in the cesspit of their forced slavery brought Kai to a dark place, a place he hadn't been since childhood.

Now Kai has been putting into place a web of destruction. A simple revolution could overthrow one Daimyo, but many called for something different it called for Called the "Closed Plan" -It's aims, social, economic and political downfall of the Daimyo system. A secret undertaking that will plant the seeds of revolution. The time and fruition of his plan is close.

And soon it will be...


Character Stats

Speed: 10
Strength: 6
Chakra Control: 10
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Kai Arisawa
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