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 Kasumi Asogi

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PostSubject: Kasumi Asogi   Mon Jan 19, 2015 5:32 am

Character Description


Basic Information

Account Name: KasumiAsogi
Character Name: Kasumi Asogi
Gender: Female
Age: 24
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 97lbs
Personality: Obssessive and impulsive, Kasumi is purely a person of reactions alone. Broken and dishearted for the second time in her life, her goals shattered before her, Kasumi has fallen into a state of anger and self-loathing which not even Hazumi can seem to get her out of.

Basic Info Continued

Village: Tea Country
Rank: Chunin
Clan: None (Although she possesses Hotaru's Byakugan in her right eye)
Weapon(s): A single Naginata, a tanto concealed on her person and a pair of tri-point Kunai.
Fighting Style: Sporting a strong Taijutsu and Kenjutsu talent to begin with, the addition of the Byakugan has only seen her skill increase with the benefit the kekkei genkai awards her. As a natural affinity, Kasumi will usually gravitate toward Lightning based techniques.


Born in the Land of Tea in a small farming community 50 miles outside the capital. Bored with the idea of being a farmers wife her entire life, Kasumi ran away from home and joined the Tea Country Militia at the age of 12. She would meet fellow recruit Hotaru Hyuuga during when they were placed in the same team as each other. Over the years, their friendship blossomed from a mutual crush into a budding romance that would last until they were 19.

Sent as a pair to guard a caravan carrying taxes back to the Daimyo's palace, the convoy was attacked by a band of Ninja who would later be revealed as the Yakuza. Despite putting up a strong resistence, Kasumi fell in battle and disregarded by the enemy after being thrown off a ravine into a river below. Hotaru lasted far longer then her lover but fell to the groups commanding officer, Tsurugi Kasanagi who would later be promoted to General.

After being rescued and returned to the Capital, Kasumi learned that the blame for the loss of the caravan had been pinned on Hotaru and herself at the same time she learned of her beloved's death at the hands of the Yakuza. The Daimyo doubted her claim that his Ninja could fall to inferior criminals, chosing to claim that Kasumi and Hotaru merely abandoned their post. Faced with a dishonorable discharge and told she would pay for the losses the Daimyo suffered, Kasumi's broken heart and fragile mind cracked. With her own Kunai, the crimson haired Kunoichi carved out her own right eye in front of the Daimyo's court, wrapping it up in a ripped piece of her own dress and presented to him as repayment. Her final words to the Daimyo before departing made her mission of vengence and her resolve to carry it out clear, An eye for an eye!

Before embarking on her self imposed exile, Kasumi would see Hotaru's other one last time. The woman, filled with grief and anger presented Hotaru's right eye, making Kasumi promise to use it to bring pain and suffering to those who hurt them both so badly.

With her new eye surgically implanted, Kasumi would hunt the Yakuza, proceeding from town to town, bullying and torturing members for information. It was her first stop to Kumo where she would meet Hazumi, who would become her companion in her quest to enact vengence on the Yakuza. After struggling their way through the ranks of the Yakuza, the pair would finally stumble across the perfect time to deliver a crippling blow to the organisation after it threw a large majority of its resources to an assassination plot to kill the Waterfall Daimyo in the hopes of taking control of the country.

What the Yakuza didn't count on, was the interference of not only Kasumi and Hazumi but the Kitsune, Sayuri Fukazawa, who was working as a body guard at the time. Despite her most valiant effort, Kasumi fell to the superior might that the Yakuza held, passing out from chakra exhaustion. Despite being out numbered and Sayuri's right arm being amputated in the fight, the Kitsune and the Hunter-nin would smash the enemy force, with Sayuri pooling all of her chakra for one final finishing move against the remaining criminal survivors.

With their resources nearly depleted and their might crushed, the Yakuza lord was easily arrested as the group was rounded up through the force of a united Hidden Village task force. In the aftermath, Kasumi couldn't reconcil the fact that she had not been the one to deliver the crushing blow to the organisation, she went berserk and attempted to murder the Kitsune for robbing her of her vengence. She was stopped by Hazumi who comforted the crying Kunoichi as she was forced to face her guilt, remorse and regret for the first time since Hotaru's passing.

The experience left Kasumi shattered and left emotionally cold, she shut down and locked herself away in Hazumi's house who helped have her released from the hospital into his care. Kasumi has stayed with her brother-in-arms since the Yakuza's collapse, spending most of her free time in Hazumi's garden, particularly on nights when Fireflies are active...

Character Stats

Stamina: 5
Speed: 6
Strength: 2
Intelligence: 1
Chakra Control: 6
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PostSubject: Re: Kasumi Asogi   Mon Jan 19, 2015 5:36 am


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Kasumi Asogi
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