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Character Description


Hazumi The_shinobi_by_semrosto-d3bsxvy

Basic Information

Account Name: Nyrax123
Character Name: Hazumi
Gender: Male
Age: 34
Height: 6'0
Weight: 210 lbs.
Personality: Hazumi takes a while to warm up to people. Due to the death of his family it's hard for him to make connections, though he does work well with others. His list of true friends are rather short, but he is loyal to a fault and will see any job done. Also, will help anyone in need.

Basic Info Continued

Village: Kumo
Rank: Kounin
Weapon(s): Hazumi's main weapons are two chains and shackles which have been burned in to his skin. The chains are reinforced chakra chains. Along with his he carries various throwing weapons and a few summoning scrolls.
Fighting Style: Hazumi mainly uses his two chains to fight his opponents at medium or close range. Along with this, he is a master with fire jutsu and has his own style where he incorporates fire in to his chains in order to fight.


Hazumi was a hunter nin in Kumo, married to a beautiful wife and had two lovely girls. As a hunter nin, he was tasked with hunting down a group known as the Yakuzu. HE found them, but not before the enemy had set a trap. The Yakuza captured Hazumi and tortured him for days before killing his family in front of him. Hazumi clung to death, but life held him down like the chains that were burned in to his hands. One day a guard lowered Hazumi to tend to some of his wounds. Using the chains that bound him, Hazumi strangled the man before getting himself down. The fire he was tortured with branded the chains to his hands, so HAzumi used them to kill as many guards as he could before escaping.

That was the last he saw of the Yakuza for a time, right up until a young girl named Kasumi came in to his life many years later. She had found a lead in Kumo and wanted to track it down. Hazumi recognized the look of one who had lost a loved one, so he agreed to help the girl...along with wanting to get closer to the Yakuza himself. Within a few days, they had succeeded. They had found a high ranking member of the Yakuza by the name of Lord Shen. He and Hazumi fought, and the battle ended in a draw. After seeing the man responsible for his torture and slaughter of his family, Hazumi swore an oath to help Kasumi see the end of the whatever end.

Hazumi tracked the Yakuza with Kasumi's help. While he knew she might not be strong enough, he did not want to banish her away from the mission. He knew that she would never stop until vengeance was hers. What he didn't know was that she assumed it had to be by her hand. By the time they finally faced the Yakuza, Hazumi had to work with a Kitsune in order to kill the majority of their forces and save the Waterfall Daimyo. Kasumi ended up going in to a state of depression, she would have killed herself had Hazumi not moved his hand in the way of the Kitsune's blade. The tip pierced through, but the tip of it didn't reach the girl's heart before Hazumi convinced her not to commit suicide.

Upon returning home Hazumi was hailed as a hero, as the Daimyo made his bravery known to all. The Raikage decided to promote Hazumi to the head of the Hunter Nin squads, now overseeing various projects in the village. It has given him the free time he needs to oversee Kasumi, who had fallen in to a worse state of depression. HE wanted to help her, as he knew that it was what his wife would have wanted. He now stays with her or leaves a shadow clone with her, ensuring that she's never alone out of fear that she'd end her own life again.

Character Stats

Stamina: 8
Speed: 8
Strength: 8
Intelligence: 8
Chakra Control: 8

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