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 Sayuri Fukazawa

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Character Description


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Basic Information

Account Name: KasumiAsogi
Character Name: Sayuri Fukazawa
Gender: Female
Age: 58 (Appears as a woman in her early twenties)
Height: 5’7”
Weight: 109lbs
Personality: Mature. Loyal. Kind. Insightful. Observant and thoughtful.

Basic Info Continued

Village: East Village, Kitsune Territory, Land of Hot Springs
Rank: Jounin
Clan: Kitsune
Weapon(s): War Kite: In order to better utilize her ability to nullify gravities effects on her body, Sayuri has chosen a kite over the more traditional Kitsune usage of an umbrella. The war kite is designed with a layer of chainmail across the bottom to better protect Sayuri from arrow fire coming from the ground.

The Reaper: Sayuri’s curve blade scythe is a monstrosity of a weapon, despite Sayuri’s ability to swing it with grace and poise. Its weight makes for almost bone breaking strikes and its curved blade will easily take off the head of any Ninja unfortunate enough to allow their concentration to slip. While this seems like her main weapon, Sayuri will often ditch the Reaper as a battle escalates allowing her to move into much faster and more agile fox taijutsu.

She also possesses a single kunai, which she keeps slipped into her armored gauntlet. The ancient looking kunai has the kanji for “Momji” engraved along both sides.

Fighting Style: An exceptional taijutsu artist, well known in the eastern Kitsune villages as being among the best. She specialises, not surprisingly, in fox taijutsu utilizing it along with her experience with the Rasengan, shadow clones and topped off with basic jutsu, particularly fire based techniques. Sayuri's main goal when forced to engage in a fight is to play on her opponent’s fear of the Nine Tailed Fox Demon. To this effect, she utilizes her transformation ability to add a set of nine tails with jet black fur to her appearance during a fight as a means to intimidate her opponents.

Sayuri's very slow to engage in conflict. She will do her best to talk her opponent down before she will commit herself to fighting against them. Once she has commited herself however, she won't hold back. She will always fight with her head before her heart and is never ashamed to back down from a situation she knows she can't win.


One of the few examples of a Kitsune seen outside of their xenophobic culture, Sayuri is the last daughter of the Momji Fukazawa, the prominent and influential head of the Kitsune security forces. Sayuri’s life was quite favourable, due to her being favoured by her mother for possessing a strength of will and intelligence not present in her sisters.
A naturally talented fighter, Sayuri was privately taught the art of taijutsu by her sisters while her mother hired professional tutors and mercenaries to train her formally in the Ninjutsu arts. Determined, even at a young age, to earn her keep within the village, Sayuri stayed dedicated and studied hard during these years. Her desire was to one day take over her Mothers role in the security forces, despite not always agreeing with their brutal methods.

Although she worked hard, her Mother never truly saw her dream as anything more than childish. She believed the sort of work performed by the security forces was beneath Sayuri and was not something the young girl should aspire to. As Sayuri passed into her teens, her Mother’s push toward administrative and priestess duties was never more apparent. Sayuri’s defiance would slowly deteriorate her relationship with Momji as neither ones stubbornness would allow them to budge to the others demands.
Despite Sayuri straining against her Mother’s wishes, it would take the loss of her two sisters to help their relationship patch itself slightly. Ambushed during a routine offering ceremony to Kurama by the Kitsune’s natural enemies (The He-devil’s from the Okami clan), Akane would develop a deep seated grudge against them. With such a major loss to the Kitsune’s fighting force, Momji would relent and allowed Sayuri to join the security forces and fill the personnel shortage left by the tragedy.

Working for the security forces would be the first time Sayuri met one of her mortal enemies, the fellow Kitsune and Kurama Priestess, Katsura Yomohiro. First crossing paths with each other during Katsura’s attempt to keep her new born baby boy a secret. Sayuri, under orders from her mother, begrudgingly had her unit forcefully remove the child despite Katsura’s pleas for mercy. Although told to offer the child for absorption, Sayuri, out of pity for the grieving Katsura, would leave him on the door step of an orphanage in a human village. With her spirit broken and denied the right to raise her child, Katsura swore vengeance against Sayuri and schemed to discredit and ruin her.

Katsura’s shameless schemes saw her seize the position of High Priestess of Kurama within the village, a position within Kitsune culture that holds considerable respect. Sayuri was helpless as Katsura waged a smear campaign against the Fukuzawa’s, using her new position to label them as heretics through manufactured evidence. Despite her best efforts, the aging Momji could not protect her daughter from the full brunt of Katsura’s attacks. Instead her Mother decided to admit full responsibility by pleading guilty to the charges and accept the punishment, which Katsura made sure was death. Sayuri would become broken and dejected from months of endless assault by the vengeful Kitsune as well as watching her own Mother be wrongly executed through absorption. Resigning from her position in the security forces, Sayuri packed up what few items meant anything to her and left the village to wonder on her own.

Her skills saw her have many jobs over the next two decades, mostly as a soldier of fortune. Her most prominent job, and the one that affected her life the most, was working as a body guard for Kana Saigyouji, an advisor to the Daimyo of the Land of Waterfalls. During her time escorting Advisor, Sayuri would uncover a plot to assassinate both Kana and the Waterfall Daimyo crafted by an organisation known as the Yakuza to spread fear of their might. Despite losing her arm and unable to save Kana herself in the ensuring battle with the would-be assassins, Sayuri crushed the enemy force single-handedly (No pun intended) and saved the Daimyo’s life.

Out of gratitude, the Daimyo commissioned the illustrious, and at the time still active, Kaito Corporation to design and build a prosthetic arm for the Kitsune. Seeking to put her particular talents to good use, the Daimyo retained her services for a special order that was being developed, sending her to join a global union of Ninja. Unable to refuse the offered salary nor really given the choice to refuse, Sayuri was shipped off toward the next chapter in her long life.

Character Stats

Stamina: 8
Speed: 7
Strength: 3
Intelligence: 4
Chakra Control: 8

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Sayuri Fukazawa
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