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 Haru Sato

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Character Description


Haru Sato Anima__Marchosias_by_Wen_M

Basic Information

Account Name: Marz
Character Name: Haru Sato
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Height: 6'6
Weight: 257
Personality: Haru is a curious soul, and explorer, asking questions and making assumptions on known material. He's a warm individual until crossed, and deplores unnecessary lies and fallacy.

Basic Info Continued

Village: Kumo
Rank: Ex-Jounin
Clan: Ranton
Weapon(s): Suijin and Raijin Dual Chakra Metal Swords finely attuned to Haru, Various toxins, poisons, salves, chemicals and reagents
Fighting Style: At Close range uses Lightning Armor enhanced attacks Suijin and Raijin and various other Taijutsu Techniques. At Long Range uses Storm Style Clan techniques to overwhelm opponent and force them into close range. He's not above using chemical warfare or poison on his weapons to get an edge.


Have you learned something you shouldn't have? This seems to be the M.O. of Haru Sato during and even before his Shinobi career, even getting the moniker of "The Secret Keeper of Kumo" in ire of his curious nature and his bad habit of poking his nose into other peoples business leading to the busts of several Shinobi. His family heritage insured he wouldn't be too harmed and was even picked up by Kumo Internal Affairs after his graduation after his Chunin exams.

This niche did not last as Haru quickly rooted out moles and dirty investigators within Internal Affairs, however the cost was that Internal Affairs was crippled and Haru was outcast by the remaining investigators. That's when Haru started digging into the offices of the Raikage uncovering several scandals.

Due to this the young man was banished from the village. Though he was an excellent Investigator he had pushed enough people away, that he had no future in the village. However it wasn't until a lucky break got him working for the office of the Daimyos. His days as a wandering mercenary behind him.

Character Stats

Stamina: 5
Speed: 5
Strength: 8
Intelligence: 5
Chakra Control: 7

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Haru Sato
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