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 Assistant Chief Priest Zen

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Character Description

Assistant Chief Priest Zen Anima__stay_in_my_eyes_by_wen_m-d5onz6d_zps824b433f

Basic Information

Account Name: Marz
Character Name: Gon-Guji Zen
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Height: 5'9
Weight: 155
Personality: Zen is a very reverent and reserved person. He's also fairly naive for his age, thanks to his sheltered upbringing.

Basic Info Continued

Village: None
Rank: None
Weapon(s): Kogitsune-maru (The Little Fox) A sword forged by Goro Nyudo Masamune of Metals Blessed by Inari Okami. It's special ability is to harm Spirits, Demons especially.
Fighting Style: Zen is a master of Kenjutsu and Fuuinjutsu. He prefers to either cut down opponents and seal their movements, before delivering a decisive final blow. Otherwise his techniques are focused on spirit summoning, sealing, banishment and blessings.


An orphan with a special ability was chosen out of several hundred candidates, he was taken into the priesthood, and taught the ways of a priest, and beyond that, the ways of the sword from several masters in the land of Iron. Studies in the Martial Training in the morning, sutras studies at night. Upon his ascension to Gon-negi the boy was given a name. That of the disposition of Zen.

The boy's status was confirmed as he quickly rose in the ranks, expanding in talent with hard work, his life as an orphan fueled him with the determination to never again be without purpose and without those who benefited his work. Beyond his sword studies that were going well, Shinobi from the Village of Suna were brought to the now young man, and received blessing and compensation in return for teaching the young man Sealing Arts which he showed a talent for.

It was during his rite of passage into full priesthood that Tragedy struck, and the boys hidden talent revealed itself. Several Demons had watched and waited, gathering their power for the attack and strode into the Temple demolishing it and attacking all of the Priests, both Oni and other more maniacal spirits attacked crushing and eating and raping and pillaging. Zen realized that he could see the spirits that were invisible to most of the other priests.

Zen took the Kogitsune-maru from it's hallowed station and counter attacked. But it would not be enough as he was knocked unconscious by an Oni and when he awoke the Shrine was razed to the ground and all of the priests had perished or vanished. It was only then that he realized that most of the priests that'd taught him had been ghosts. To what purpose had they trained him? It was upon this thought that Zen was unsettled. Zen packed lightly and set out

Character Stats

Stamina: 7
Speed: 7
Strength: 7
Intelligence: 2
Chakra Control: 7
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Assistant Chief Priest Zen
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