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 Enya Hayabusa

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Character Description
((To be added upon finding one I enjoy))
Basic Information
Account Name: Nyrax123
Character Name: Enya Hayabusa
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Height: 6'0
Weight: 210 lbs
Personality: Enya is a cocky and sometimes arrogant fighter. While he's loyal to his comrades, he is somewhat entitled and often enjoys showing off. He openly invites anyone to challenge him at any time, as he enjoys friendly competition. In battle though he takes the mission seriously...though somehow still finds a way to have a hell of a ride doing it.
Basic Info Continued
Village: Kiri
Rank: Jounin
Weapon(s): Hugin: A fine silver rapier crafted by Enya's mother, the blade as a weapon is extremely lightweight but surprisingly sturdy. Enya's mother has blocked a zanbato with the blade before, a fear for both herself and the blade. The blade was also infused with chakra metal, allowing for chakra to course through the blade more easily. This allows Enya to use the rapier as a single point to channel his chakra. Enya normally uses this to increase his piercing power, or he can use a large amount of chakra and fire a concentrated blast of chakra out of the tip.
Munin: A black scimitar with a red dragon inscribed into the blade's side. It originally belonged to Enya's father, Raiga. The weapon is larger and heavier than most scimitars, carrying a decent deal of weight when swung. While not as fast as Enya's rapier, the smaller size allows him to maneuver Munin more easily. The main draw of Munin's ability also comes with its ability to allow Enya to manipulate his chakra. Due to the large size of the blade Enya can store a greater deal of chakra within the blade, allowing him to slash out with a wave of chakra. This can be used widely to damage multiple enemies, or it can be used in a more concentrated burst to deal devastating damage to whatever is hit.
Fighting Style: Like every member of the Seven, Enya is decently proficient in Water Ninjutsu, though his main strength comes from his swords. The rapier he uses to pierce enemies from afar along with casting blasts of concentrated chakra at his enemies. Should they move in close, Enya also uses his scimitar in order inflict devastating damage should they be hit. Enya admits that he's not the greatest swordsman, but the swords he has are important for his main techniques. Without them, Enya can only rely on his water jutsus.
Enya came from a noble family in Kiri, and one of the most wealthy as both of his parents were strong members of the Seven Swordsman. They raised Enya well and trained him to fight, but it was only just before Enya started in the academy that the brutal practices were abolished. His parents still trained him well, though they made sure not to upset the new Mizukage's wishes as they were loyal to the village. Enya was a proficient fighter and was trained by both father and mother in battle.
As Enya grew, his parents decided to retire in order to train future shinobi for Kiri. Eventually, as a gift for Enya passing his Jounin exams and being offered a spot in the Seven, both parents granted Enya their signature sword. Armed with two swords from previous members, Enya desires to become the leader of the Seven Swordsman one day.
Despite these wishes, he often doesn't take his life seriously as he was given much of his strength due to his parent's training. Thankfully, he has a couple of friends willing to remind him that he isn't invincible.
Character Stats
Stamina: 6
Speed: 8
Strength: 6
Intelligence: 4
Chakra Control: 6

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Enya Hayabusa
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