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 Taiga Mazaki - Jounin

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Character Description

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Basic Information

Account Name: Marz
Character Name: Taiga Mazaki "The Tiger of Iwa" Previously "Troll of Kaiju Bridge"
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Height: 6'6
Weight: 310 lbs
Personality: Taiga is a no nonsense kind of guy. Straight forward and to the point, he detests liars and believes in Trueness of self.

Basic Info Continued

Village: Iwa
Rank: Jounin
Weapon(s): A Zanbato kept on a scroll and a Kanabo kept on a scroll, two Fuuma Shuriken kept on scrolls, and Armor and Gauntlets.
Fighting Style: Taiga is a Taijutsu specialist. His main techniques are hand to hand combat, when backed into a corner he may use his Kanabo or Zanbato. Taiga is adept at using Chakra gates and gates related combat. The ace up his sleeve is that Taiga has begun using Tactile Genjutsu, which unlike regular genjutsu doesn't rely on hand seals but being in direct contact with the enemies skin.


Taiga was found on the boarders of The land of Earth, as a infant crying in the mud and gore during a dispute with the Waterfall Village. His adoptive father was the son of the previous Tuschikage, a man whose wife was barren. He raised Taiga and didn't keep the truth of his origin from him. Because of the Mazaki family's long history of becoming Shinobi Taiga entered the Academy without a second thought. Though he graduated in the top of his class in Technical Theory and Physical Arts, he graduated in the bottom quarter of his class in the practical application of Ninjutsu and Genjutsu technique.

It was because of his excellent parentage and family history that Taiga even got a team assignment, Delta Team, because of how few Jounin were left to teach after the recent skirmishes only the most promising graduates got assigned to teams. It was a lucky break that Taiga didn't let go to waste quickly developing skill, honing natural talent and realizing his immense natural strength. Specializing in Taijutsu and Gates techniques. Hayato, his teacher an elderly battle hardened Shinobi with an eye patch behind him he was nearly set to go to the Chunnin Exams, hosted by Kiri. This however was not to be as the Village hidden in the Rain launched a surprise attack and pushed into the boarders of the Land of Earth. Capturing and raiding several thousand fertile farms, the forces of Iwagakure were brought out with Team Hayato at the spearhead.

Taiga's first true taste of warfare was unkind. As a foot Soldier Delta Team held Kaiju bridge, it was a long battle of attrition. Almost single-handed Taiga lured out two superior opponents, and dealt with them in one-on-one fights attacking their psyche, and eventually defeating them. From these confrontations Taiga earned the nickname "The Troll of Kaiju Bridge".

Because of the Loss of Hayato and the other members during the fighting at Kaiju Bridge, Taiga was folded into Bravo team under, Katsuragi-sensei. It was only after a short time that Bravo team was entered into the Chunnin Exams this time hosted by Sunagakure. Compared to the boarder war with the Rain Village, the Exams were easy. Though Taiga was handily beaten in the last round of the Trials in one-on-one combat. A defeat that lead him to develop his Tactile Genjutsu, and further Master his Gates techniques.

Taiga was left with little more than a year to enjoy his victory as he was called on to once again fight the Waterfall Village. This time Iwagakure was going on the offensive. Countering a military build up  inside of the Land of Rain's boarders massing to the West and South. As Suna was an informal Ally and Iwa couldn't take the chance of being caught off guard again. Iwa had no choice but to attack. The two pronged assault was simple: Burn, pillage, kill, destroy and make sure that the Land of Rain was completely incapable of attacking Iwagakure for the next decade. These would be the moments in his life that Taiga was the least proud of...

Taiga took some time off from being a Shinobi to find himself. He found many hobbies but quickly bored of them, realizing that his career was his life, Taiga took up his position again. Leading Boarder Patrol teams along the boarder to the land of Waterfalls. Often times it was the two teams from either side of the boarder, a river, running in parallel watching each other closely. A dispute came up again, when it was found that a defector was going to rendezvous with his patrol team. The meeting did not go to plan, and a small team battle broke out. Durring this fight Taiga took on the entire recovery team from the Village of Waterfalls. Only barely holding his own because of his Battle Experience and the surprise attack confrontation pattern he employed. For that Day Taiga became something greater than a Chunnin, he became a force of Nature. His actions at the boarder in securing the defector earned Taiga the nickname "Tiger of Iwa."  

It was upon his return that Taiga Mazaki was taken aside by a council of Jounin and the Tsuchikage, and given a review and was found of being proper skill and character to be a Jounin of Iwagakure no Sato. It's been just over a year from that time. Taiga has been slowly acclimating to his new duties, including training Genin.

Character Stats

Stamina: 5
Speed: 6
Strength: 10
Intelligence: 4
Chakra Control: 5
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Taiga Mazaki - Jounin
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