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 Yaiba Kongou

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Character Description
Yaiba Kongou 463076-jon_snow_by_cloudninja9_d3d09l1_super_zpsee7458d9
Basic Information
Account Name: Nyrax123
Character Name: Yaiba Kongou
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Height: 5'3
Weight: 120 lbs
Personality: Yaiba has two sets of personality due to the pains that he went under. Normally he is a calm and happy boy that takes amusement in the basic joys of life. Often times by just feeding him you'll become his friend. He also loves to laugh and finds any reason to make a joke.
However, when he is heavily injured or feels like he's in danger, he reverts due a more ferocious personality. Gone is the boy and out comes the anger and ferocity of a man. Yaiba fights best when he is in this stage, though sometimes he overestimates himself for various reasons.
Basic Info Continued
Village: Iwa
Rank: Genin
Weapon(s): Kunai, shuriken, grenade, smoke bombs, exploding tags. 1 Katana
Fighting Style: Yaiba is definitely someone that uses his physical strength to his best. He will often try to use his ninja tools from afar in order to try and weaken the opponent before the up-close fight that will come next. His fighting style is very basic, but Yaiba does seem to excel with weapons and unarmed combat.
Yaiba was your usual shinobi that went to the academy to become a shinobi. He didn't come from a wealthy family or a well known line, because of that he was often forgotten or left behind. He didn't excel in any particular jutsu, but his physical body was quite strong for a boy his age. His physical prowess alone is what allowed Yaiba to move on and eventually graduate.
It wasn't long after this though that his home was invaded. His parents were killed and Yaiba was taken. It was about three years later that Iwa busted down a group of shinobi that were dealing in illegal weapon transactions. In the back room on a table they found Yaiba and returned him to the village.
When Yaiba woke up, they realized that not all was well though. The boy at first seemed normal, but upon an attempt at giving him a shot his personality changed. The boy attacked the nurse and nearly stabbed her with her own needle, shouting several profanities. By the time they calmed Yaiba down, they started to figure out what was going on. Through various descriptions from Yaiba, the village realized that the shinobi performed a genjutsu on Yaiba. They trained him for what felt like decades, even though only a few years had transpired.
While the teachings weren't completely in tact, sometimes Yaiba was able to access the information that he learned and use it. However, when he entered in to this state he usually lost control of himself and often didn't remember any of the actions that they performed. Still, the village believed that if Yaiba could fix his personality and access this information, he could grow out to be an outstanding shinobi and commander. And so they assign him to a group of shinobi that know all about the battles that await him...
Character Stats
Stamina: 3
Speed: 2
Strength: 3
Intelligence: 1
Chakra Control: 1

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Yaiba Kongou
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