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 Team 4's First Meeting Milestone: Genin Team Meeting

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PostSubject: Re: Team 4's First Meeting Milestone: Genin Team Meeting   Mon Aug 11, 2014 10:01 am

((I really kind of just want to get to the end of this fight so just assume that saki and Chu were knocked out))
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PostSubject: Re: Team 4's First Meeting Milestone: Genin Team Meeting   Thu Aug 14, 2014 2:28 am

Hanyou Rakdos
Rakdos felt like he had seen enough, and pushing any forward was only going to lead to increased tension between his team. Rakdos had a group of misfits, but they were damn talented at least. He had plenty of teachers that didn't take him seriously, so the least that he could do was make sure that these kids got the best out of their training. Rather than continuing on to find a single winner, it was time to end this.

"ENOUGH!" Rakdos shouted to the point where no one would question if he was being serious or not. Rakdos pushed himself up from his seat. "This test is over," he said before motioning for all of his genin to come over towards him. "I have to admit, I don't know what I was expecting but I was very impressed with how you've all shown yourself."

"Saki, despite being outnumbered you help your own ground very well. You made perfect use of your companion to make sure that you lasted as long as you could. You clearly have a strong bond with Chu, I'm sure that your clan is proud of it."

"Aori, like any true Nara you were able to manipulate the battlefield and put yourself in to the best position. Despite that though you seemed to be willing to change your strategy should the need arise. Keep that open mindset, and I'm sure you'll succeed."

"Biko, I wasn't sure what to expect with you...but I'm happy with it. What I saw was an eagerness to get your hand's dirty and do what was necessary to win. Thankfully you and your father have that in common," Rakdos said before turning his head and cracking his neck. "Now, the time is yours for reflection. I want you to each make a comment about your two teammates, point out their strengths and what they did well."
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PostSubject: Re: Team 4's First Meeting Milestone: Genin Team Meeting   Mon Sep 29, 2014 12:21 am

Nara Aori
As he saw Saki's body replicate his movements on her wrist, he released the shadow from her to dart it towards Biko, trying to snatch her as well before she could escape, but at that point, Rakods called out for them to stop. But he had almost won! Damn.

Releasing the shadow bind jutsu altogether, he sagged backwards up against a tree, turning to grin at Ami. "That went well I think. Almost had you there though." He headed over towards Rakdos with the others, taking a seat quickly, and listened to the review before turning first to Saki. "You and Chu made it way harder to grab than I was expecting when we teamed up on you! And switching from trying to pull Ami underground to rescuing Chu from the shadow was great quick thinking." Then he turned to Ami, "Teaming up was a good plan, since after seeing that I'm not sure if either of us would have been able to handle Saki and Chu on our own. You used your stun baton thing and mind control really well to work with my shadow binding, and using Saki to stop Chu's attack because of their friendship was smart."
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PostSubject: Re: Team 4's First Meeting Milestone: Genin Team Meeting   

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Team 4's First Meeting Milestone: Genin Team Meeting
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