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 Nishio Satetsu

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Character Description

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Basic Information

Account Name: Abdiel
Character Name: Nishio Satetsu
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Height: 5'6
Weight: 143lbs
Personality: Vicious for his age, and not afraid to show it. While Nishio is young enough to be of little use against high end opponents, his tongue is sharp enough to leave anyone at a loss. Brought up by his parents to be relentless and proud, he carries himself with an overwhelming air of superiority. While he expresses a general disdain for other people, he's by no means evil. On occassion, Nishio breaks out with rare moments of genuine kindness and expresses compassion that while immediately comforting fades as fast as it came. Asking around, he's a born but ruthless leader with a fancy for sweets and seafood. The latter of which doesn't reach Suna quite as often as he'd like. He's expected to be the first person to complain in any given situation, but also the most likely to rally people into action the moment he's had his groan in.

Basic Info Continued

Village: Suna
Rank: Genin
Clan: Satetsu
Weapon(s): Wakizashi in a Nodachi sheathe(Deceptive Draw), x6 Kunai
Fighting Style: Beyond what he has learned through the academy, and his own famiy, Nishio's ability in combat is limited. While he has been given a general understanding of his clan techniques and the use of lightning jutsu, Nishio's focus is more toward Taijutsu than Ninjutsu. Quick on his feet, and surprisingly strong for his size, he'd rather face his enemies head on than resort to traps or constant range assaults- not to say he is above deceit. When possible, he will toy with his enemies for his own amusement. Because of his inexperience, Nishio has next to no understanding of the Bijuu he harbors. While it may ease itself into battle when his life is in danger, Nishio cannot call it of his own will.


Nishio was born with countless expectations. His father was practically royalty to the Satetsu clan, and his mother was an experienced Jounin of such skill that there was no fuss when she was accepted into the family. Any expectations they had were blown out of the water and exceeded after the Six-Tailed Bijuu attacked Sunagakure. The attack cost Setsuna's predecessor as Kagekaze his life, but at the same time gave an enormous boon over to Sunagakure as one of their own would grow with the Raiju's chakra flowing through him.

Like many jinchuriki before and after him, Nishio met with misunderstanding and hatred for the burden he held. Acting as a double edged sword more than a means to finding peace, the young boy's parents advised him to stand his ground. They told him that his power should be feared, that what he had been given was a gift first and never a curse. If he had to prove it to the other children, he should do so by force. Whether by fortune or misfortune, he took their advice. In no time at all, a mild-mannered boy had become a source of intimidation among his peers. He beat the ones that stood tall into submission, and kept the ones beneath him well beneath his feet. There were few who pushed him around when he made the change, but fewer still who did not hate him.
A sad truth, however; Fear comes in handy for him. The rush he puts over others works wonders inspiring them to fight alongside him. He may lack friends, or those who would willingly die for him, but he can drive others into chaos with little effort and that makes him a surprisingly capable leader. While he has rare moments of kindness, there's hardly a soul in Suna that knows him as anything less than violent. Of course, whether they know him positively or negatively doesn't matter so long as they know him.

Character Stats

Stamina: 2
Speed: 3
Strength: 2
Intelligence: 1
Chakra Control: 2
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Nishio Satetsu
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