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 Rakdos Hanyou - Jounin

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Character Description
((To be added upon determining one))
Basic Information
Account Name: Nyrax123
Character Name: Rakdos Hanyou
Gender: Male
Age: 29
Height: 6'0
Weight: 200 lbs
Personality: Cold, calculated, cunning. Rakdos sees little reason to worry or care about anyone else's well being. After suffering through various hardships, Rakdos has found that only by looking out for himself does he come out on top. He is known by others as a particularly ruthless and bloodthirsty ninja.
On a side note, he doesn't play well with others.
Basic Info Continued
Village: Konoha
Rank: Jounin (Hunter Nin)
Clan: Hanyou
Weapon(s): Various basic shinobi tools (Kunai, shuriken). A long spear with jagged edges.
Fighting Style: Rakdos is a ruthless ninja that uses his  strength to overwhelm his opponents along with his high intelligence. He is usually good at judging opponents and trying to  figure out a strategy that would best defeat them. He uses a spear if he is fighting up close, and often uses a combination of the demon and blood jutsus that come from his clan.
Rakdos is a high practitioner of psychological warfare.
Rakdos was originally a young boy that had a non-shinobi mother. However, she was raped by a Hanyou that was seen wandering through Konoha. While ninjas tried to pursue the demon, he was never caught. Rakdos was eventually born, but the mother couldn't help but fear and hate the child as it resembled his father. Because of this Rakdos grew up with a very hard life, constantly being beaten and yelled at for doing nothing.
It was shortly after Rakdos joined the shinobi academy that his house burned down, killing his mother and heavily scarring most of Rakdos' body. They never caught who actually did it and Rakdos claims to know nothing, but whispers have always spread about how the boy was so demonic that he killed the only family that he had.
Rakdos was assigned a team, but all of them were massacred in the chunin exams, and his own Jounin teacher was killed in a mission afterwards, leaving many to assume that Rakdos had a way of killing anyone that came in to contact with him.
With Rakdos' reputation in place, it wasn't hard for him to eventually become a hunter-nin and rise through the ranks. His solidarity and blood thirst have frequently allowed him to kill any enemy that Konoha has, something that they've always allowed themselves to use in their favor.
After many years of working on his own though, Rakdos might be in for the hardest challenge of his life...

Character Stats
Stamina: 6
Strength: 7
Intelligence: 7
Chakra Control: 5
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Rakdos Hanyou - Jounin
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