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 Daitokuji Biko - Genin

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Character Description


Basic Information

Account Name: Problematic
Character Name: Daitokuji Biko
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Height: 5’4”
Weight: Average
Personality: Nigh cloyingly sweet to her elders and those of upper authority, Biko comes across as the nicest girl you could ever meet… until you get in a room alone with her. She tends to get by with brown nosing, book smarts, money, innate skill and a total lack of concern for who she needs to step on to make it to the top.

Basic Info Continued

Village: Konoha
Rank: Genin
Clan: Yamanaka?
Weapon(s): Flute, shock baton and various basic ninja tools
Fighting Style: Biko attempts to defeat her opponents before they’re even able to approach her with a variety of sound-based ninjutsu, genjutsu or Yamanaka mind techniques. If engaged in close-range combat, her lightning element chakra comes into play, using her chakra metal shock baton to disable her foes in as few moves as possible.


Daughter of the Fire Country's Daimyo, Biko chose to move to Konohagakure and become a kunoichi instead of following in her father’s political footsteps of her own free will. Naïve and not well informed about the world at large, the young woman tends to get whatever she wants simply by throwing her considerable wealth about the village. She leads her own elite clique, mocking outcasts and generally anyone not in her inner circle quite regularly.

Desiring an easy way to get a step up over other shinobi, Biko paid off a secret and unknown spy to divulge to her the secrets of the Yamanaka clan and proceeded to study them diligently until she could begin to perform them with a minimum of difficulty, attempting to pass herself off as a Yamanaka all along as she openly performed the techniques she'd learned thus far in the open public. Needless to say the lie didn't get very far and at this point she's being closely scrutinized by those of the Yamanaka clan. To have their secrets stolen by a genin; to have them stolen at all... was a grievous error to be rectified as quickly as possible.

Character Stats

Stamina: 1
Speed: 2
Strength: 1
Intelligence: 3
Chakra Control: 3
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Daitokuji Biko - Genin
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