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 Sister Guinevere Lydia Bourgeois

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PostSubject: Sister Guinevere Lydia Bourgeois   Sister Guinevere Lydia Bourgeois EmptyMon Mar 31, 2014 11:15 pm

Character Description

Sister Guinevere Lydia Bourgeois Rosette1600

Command Spell

Sister Guinevere Lydia Bourgeois Pbucket

Basic Information

Profile Name: KasumiAsogi
Character Name: Sister Guinevere “Gwen” Lydia Bourgeois
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Height: 5’6”
Weight: One depressed day away from a critical loss of her figure.
Personality: Friendly, warm, caring and generous, Gwen seems like the person all Catholic Sister’s aspire to be… If she wasn’t also naïve, quick-tempered, foul-mouthed and generally unlady-like.
She has become conflicted since acquiring her artificial crest and servant, despite a spiritual ‘cleansing’ for the use of such heretic magic by the Archbishop, she is terrified that it’s still slowly eating away her soul.

Basic Info Continued

Servant: (can be filled in later)
Magus Type: Artificial Mage
Magic Crest: Her Crest is Fourth Generation, although it’s original family has been extinct for at least two centuries
Crest Magic: Strength/Reinforcement Magic, Rune Magic: Berkano & Kenaz
Alignment: Things that go boom.
Focus Area: Despite not properly casting the magical spells herself, her most used spell would be the reinforcement magic that allows her to keep up with the true Magi that she fights.
General Area: The Rune Magic spells, Berkano & Kenaz are her general use spells. She utilizes them for Magi tracking and to enhance the aim of her gun shots respectively. She utilizes both of them to lethal effect when sniping targets.
Mystic Code:
The Watch: Designed by the Vatican, the Watch is the artificial means by which Gwen can perform magical spells. It utilizes artificial circuitry that was engineered to have the properties of a Magic Crest, the shape of which is printed on the watch face. The artificial circuitry inside it replicates the similar pattern its natural version takes. Because of the sheer intricacy that the reverse engineering took, the watch is big and chunky in size and can only be used by a very select few people in the world. This is due to the watch still requiring someone from the crests Family bloodline… A rarity after two hundred years of extinction.

Michael & Gabriel: A pair of Colt M1911A1 pistols with high capacity magazines (10+1 shots each), firing .45 ACP rounds and each sporting a slightly different setup. Both sport laser sights and have had the barrels changed to allow for silencers to be fitted; however Michael has been fitted with an under barrel ‘micro-shotgun’ that can fire a variety of shotgun rounds (Including non-lethal rubber pellets), while Gabriel sports a handy flashlight in place of its brothers menacing attachment.
Both weapons are stamped with the Kenaz rune, allowing Gwen to utilize the weapons as a second pair of eyes. As she can see through the handguns, she can appears to perform impressive feats of accuracy without even turning her head to see what she was aiming for. As the view she sees from Michael and Gabriel is directly down the barrel, there are still limits and considerable blind spots in her fields of view.

Thunder & Lightning: Although they’re not endowed with any magical properties, Thunder and Lightning are almost as deadly as any spell a Magi will come up against. Thunder is a Winchester 1901 lever action 12ga shotgun, the barrel and stock of which has been sawn off and filed down to make for a nice, compact size.
Lightning, however, is Gwen’s pride and joy. A Sako TRG-42 Sniper rifle with a folding stock. It has the effective range of 1,640 yards and in Gwen’s hands, it’ll shoot a flea off a dogs back at half that distance.


Originally hailing from Northern France, she was raised her entire life in an orphanage run by a group of caring catholic sisters, never knowing her parents and having no mementos to even know what they looked like. She spent time playing with the other children and studying her school lessons that were assigned to her. There was nothing that stood out, or shone about her. It wasn’t until she was thirteen, in the middle of the summer season, that an American priest came to the orphanage. He wished to test the children for an important mission that was of the utmost importance to the Vatican.

The test was simple. The child were handed a prototype watch, taking turns, one at a time, and if the watch happened to light up you would be taken to study at the Vatican itself. Every child had the chance to try, starting with the boys but to no avail. When it came Guinevere’s turn, the watch erupted into a swirl of colour and light which immediately excited the Priest and sent the Sister’s into endless pray.

As promised, the Priest, who she came to know as Father Maxwell, whisked her to the Vatican to begin the grandest of adventures. Finding her name tiresome, Father Maxwell affectionately took to simply calling her ‘Gwen’.

Over the next several years, Gwen was trained for her role in a war like no other. With the Vatican’s goal to eliminate the Magi and reclaim the Holy Grail for themselves, Gwen was taught everything from hand-to-hand combat and advanced firearms and explosives training by the Swiss Guard, studied as a Nun and was taught (Through a lot of trial and error) to utilize the watch to its full potential. On the eve of the Sixth Holy Grail war, Gwen was given the completed version of the watch and blessed by the Archbishop. The task he asked was simple: Whatever it takes… Win the Sixth Holy Grail War.

Character Stats

Magic Capacity: (C)
Magic Output: (D)

Magical Resistance: (D)
Strength: (C)
Agility: (A)
Endurance: (B)

I bet you never expected to see me again ^^'. After a long boring story that ends in all sorts of crappy sadness I've recently had a lot of time on my hands. I checked in on the site a few weeks ago and to my shock and amazement, everything had changed. I was sorta confused at first but I read the general gist, wished you guys all the best... Then my stupid creative mind kept going back to your concept and before I knew it I had half assembled a character in my head. Enter Gwen.

So instead of just letting it go to waste, I thought I'd post her up here for all to see and maybe try to get some role playing out of her in my period of shitty boredom if anyone's still around (Notice there's been no fresh posts for a bit). If the history seems rushed, it was lol. I was more interested in her present then her past ^^.

As I wasn't sure if the very idea of Gwen was acceptable, I decided not to create a bio for her Heroic spirit. To give you an idea, he was the last Grand Master (leader) of the Knights Templar, Jacques de Molay. He is a powerful swordsman who weilds a massive sword known as the "Crucifix" and is probably a berserker as he seems very gentlemanly and sophisticated until he is called to battle where he becomes vicious, sadistic and primative.

Sister Guinevere Lydia Bourgeois Trinity_Blood__Abel_by_starxade

Thanks guys, hope you enjoy read and if you don't/don't see it, at least it feels good to get her off my chest, lol.
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PostSubject: Re: Sister Guinevere Lydia Bourgeois   Sister Guinevere Lydia Bourgeois EmptyWed Jun 04, 2014 1:44 am

Looks pretty good to me (not an official review though =p)

Activity is on hold at the moment, but we pick it up again you'd be welcome to join back in.

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Sister Guinevere Lydia Bourgeois
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