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 Neal Bladder

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PostSubject: Neal Bladder   Neal Bladder EmptyTue Feb 04, 2014 6:00 pm

Character Description


Neal is a tall and skinny boy, but with a decent frame. While never trying out for sports, he looks like someone that could easily be on the team. He has short brown hair and eyes that look like a milk chocolate brown. He has several scratched on his hands from trying to handle his pet cat: Chloe.

Command Spell

A large circle with a triangle inside, a star rests inside the triangle.

Basic Information

Profile Name: Nyrax
Character Name: Neal Bladder
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Height: 5'10
Weight: 155 lbs.
Personality: Neal's personality varies greatly depending on the day. He's a person that usually keeps to himself as he tries to focus on his own life and his own problems. He can be very sweet and caring, but if he's having a bad day he can be mean and bitter about his life. His best quality is how slow he is to judge people (on a good day) as he usually understands that people are going through their own challenges.

Basic Info Continued

Servant:  Fionn Mac Umaill (Lancer)
Magus Type: Fledging Mage
Magic Crest: Does not possess one yet.
Crest Magic: N/A
Alignment: Fire
Focus Area: Neal is a practitioner of rune magic. As he is a new mage that is not very good with magic, he finds that using runes in order to strengthen his magic are very useful. An example of an early spell Neal can do would be him picking up a rock and carving a fire rune on to the surface. Neal will throw the stone and release magical words that allow for the fire to explode from the rock and hurt anyone nearby.
General Area:

  • Knowledge of Bounded Fields
  • Shared Perception
  • Fire Elemental MAgic

Mystic Code: A knife that was given to Neal in order to allow him to write runes in to surface that he wished. Can be used to defend himself, but it isn't very impressive other than the rune writing ability.


Neal wasn't born as anything special, though no child really is. His future seemed to embrace this idea as Neal lived a very boring life as he went through school. He was smart though. While not doing the best in his class, he was well liked and seemed to have many friends at his school. He wasn't a fan of extra ciriculars, but he was still well known throughout the school. He was well on his way to going to college and getting his degree as an artist

However, all of this changed when Neal's father decided to leave the family. He deemed his wife unworthy of him, and his son as undeserving of having the same face as him. He left, and they haven't heard from him since.

Neal's life completely changed that day. He now gave up on going to college in order to help his mother pay the bills. She fell in to depression once the father left, sometimes even turning to drugs to get herself through the day. Her addiction has caused the rent more than once, and Neal had to dip in to his savings to make up for it.

Life was Hell basically, but Neal had no idea how that was about to change.

Character Stats

Magic Capacity: B
Magic Output: B
Magical Resistance: B
Strength: C
Agility: C
Endurance: C

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PostSubject: Re: Neal Bladder   Neal Bladder EmptyFri Feb 07, 2014 6:45 am

Approved! (if we're even still doing this? dunno :v)

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Neal Bladder
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